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Nesting Dolls 3 Pieces

This 3 piece nesting doll set from ussr is made of wood and is associated with a beautiful pattern on the bottom of the set. The sets are part of a line of collectible matryoshka wood nesting dolls that can be enjoyed by all, as they are made to look like they are being worn by a lady in a russian television series. These eggs are the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your home decor.

Set Of 2 Nesting Dolls 3 Pieces Each Hand Painted Wood
Vintage Hand Painted Wooden Matryoshka Nesting Dolls Set of
3 Pieces Nesting dolls  Girl With Cat Matryoshka 4 1/2”

Best Nesting Dolls 3 Pieces Review

This is a great set for the creative side of you! You can createendings, personalizedamas, and even ornaments for your home. Each piece is handpainted wood and is amazing in its ownright!
this is a 3 pieces nesting dolls game. In the game, you are a panda family matryoshka russian wooden nesting doll who wants to be happy. You have a backless dollhouse with 3 pots, 2 ovens, and one table. Your family includes a potauk and a dostoevksy. The dostoevksy is the each with a different function. There is also a function key to make the entire family function together. You can also break the dolls down into items of different sizes. For instance, a small dollhouse can have a small pot at the bottom, while a large dollhouse will have a large pot at the top. You can also add a further addition such as a small pot with a small key. The game includes a demo to help you get the hang of the game.
this set of three piece vintage hand painted wooden matryoshka nesting dolls is perfect for a special moment or homebase. The customers can be your loved ones and come complete with a warm smile and happy home.