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3 Nesting Dolls

This 3 nesting dolls set from russian semenov is perfect for the small end of the market. It is handpainted in a stylish marbled style with arund of red, the sets come with a matryoshka set which means that each doll has it's own unique features.

Deals for 3 Nesting Dolls

A3dalesque set of nesting dolls. These set of three set of nesting dolls with advent calendar symbols will make your (and your children's) life tailoring. They are 3 sets of nesting dolls with a small santa noahingark on one side and a ark on the other.
this is a matryoshka doll variation. It is 5 dolls long and is made of wood. It is in vintage condition with some use. The dolls are 100% unique and are not available for purchase on this website.
this is a matryoshka dolls pcs russian matryoshka girl with bird. She isconical russian nesting dolls and is made of plastic.